Farnum Hill Ciders: A Spirited Taste Of New Hampshire

In our opinion (unbiased, of course!), New Hampshire produces some of the best apples in all of New England. While we love baking with them and snacking on them, we also love to drink in their goodness with Farnum Hill Ciders.

Farnum Hill Ciders began early in the 21st Century but touts apple varieties that were popular back in the 19th Century. While many of its apples are prized for eating, a good portion of its orchards produce apples that taste downright horrible raw. These bittersweet and bitter-sharp varieties are perfect for making cider, as they are transformed by fermentation to become extremely flavorful. After several years of trial and tasting—some not very good!—Farnum Hill honed their technique and now produces more than a half-dozen delicious ciders that are dry and complex, sparking and still, and range from 6.7% to 7.5% alcohol.

Cider varieties include the popular Farnum Hill Semi-Dry, a golden, lightly bubbly drink with hints of tropical fruits and a touch of sweetness. Fans of English cider will want to try Farmhouse, a pale gold bubbly that combines tart, bitter, sweet, and—according to the company—a bit of “farmhouse funk.” With no bubbles, Farnum Hill Extra Dry Still produces a straight-up apple flavor that’s dry yet rich and fruity. 

The cidery is open for visitors full time in September and October. At other times of the year, be sure to call ahead to make an appointment. Check also to see if they are having their weekly Growler Day. Most every Thursday during winter, spring, and summer, visitors can head down to the cider room for a taste of the kegged ciders on offer that week and buy a half-gallon growler for $3.

Farnum Hill Ciders
98 Poverty Lane, Lebanon, NH

If you want to really enjoy the best of what New Hampshire has to offer, grab a growler of cider and savor it back here at the B&B, where the scenery is superb, and the atmosphere is always warm and cozy.

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